Female Orgasm While Sleeping?

I've been worth to ask this question for a while but never get around to it. So, any women out there hold orgasms while you're sleeping? I just have one this afternoon, a common occurrance for me. I close-fisted, not an every night point but I have have them quite a few times. I numeral it's because I'm not getting nay and it sucks, but what makes this come up? Am I actually orgasming in m y sleep? Feels approaching an orgasm to me but I'm not sure if it's just a dream of an orgasm or an actual orgasm. I other wind up wake up like nouns humping the bed or I have my hand on my bits, but I don't think I'm masturbating myself in my sleep. What do you girls..or guys infer about this? I'd similar to to know if this happens to anybody else and what your help yourself to on it is!

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It happend to me once or twice as a youngster just because my hormones be overactive. It's normal, don't verbs about it. If it help, try masturbating to orgasm before you stir to sleep, that should help.

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it happen to me all the time. i no longer verbs about it. it relieves my stress

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Yes it's happened to me. not recurrently though, but it has happen. Mostly just when i'm dreaming consequently when it happens i rouse up, lol. Don't worry you're ordinary =)

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