Signs of cervical cancer/problems?

What exactly does "painfull sex" mean and what could be the problem? Does the anguish from sex feel similar to bad length cramps? I'd say that's what my spasm feels close to. Or sometimes it feels close to he's hitting something and it really hurts, no matter what, nippy or slow. Also I've already had a kid and I hear cramps were supposed to be "smaller quantity painful". My cramps are more painful and ever when it comes that time of month. I have to rob 4 midol at once to even cut the pain. Am I a moment ago tripping or what could be wrong? I have a doctors appointment Thursday beside the gyno. I just started my time so I'm kinda iffy and I can't put this appt. off, it's the 3rd time so I gotta go. Plus I'm scar to death something like all that going on. The agony didn't just start, it's be about 8 months or so.(painful sex & doomed to failure cramps)

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It could be alot of things, so don't panic and regard as cancer off the bat. Since you have a child, your uterus may be tipped or tilted forward, that makes discouraging cramps and painful sex create when he enters it's tilted so he hits it. Also, the unpromising cramps can come from fibroids or cysts, they might want to do a pelvic ultrasound to check for those. Try to relax and even tho you have the length, keep the appt.

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Pain with sex resources something is wrong. Yes you need to see the doc but not sure why you feel you neede to see the GYN when your regular doc can handle these kind of things. It may just be an infection or something cause your discomfort do not let your mind walk so far that are already convinced it is something more serious when you haven't even seen your doc on the other hand.

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hi it hopefully is not cervical cancer, enjoy faith contained by god and he will heal you if it is he is the final healer i know because i had cervical cancer removed subsidise in 2004 and i am doing great today i have pain down surrounded by my vagina and bled blood clots on my period to. my cramps be awful. but you know what else it may be that you might have is endometreosis. it cause bad doomed to failure cramps and alot of heavy bleeding and even stomach-ache during sex and after sex so just pray just about it and ask god to heal you whatevers wrong and believe for your miracle. near is a saying I've used my full life its my fav clich¨¦ it is '' don't give up 5 minutes beforehand the miracle happens'' because if you do you might miss out. sometimes cancer have no symptoms until its bad. but a short time ago make sure you hang on to you doctors appointment and tell the doc adjectives of your problems and he will do the exam and know. ill pray for you, good luck and remember god can turn whats intended for bad into something right

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Painful sex has nil to do with cramps or cervical cancer . You any have no lube, no foreplay, aren't really into him or possibly a yeast or other infection. It is supposed to be satisfying, so talk to your doctor in the region of probable causes and win a pap test. Going on the pill. if an remedy, will eliminate the cramps too and is a better selection than 4 Midol! I would take Advil instead since Midol doesn't work presently and didn't 20 years ago. There are much better options if you experience severe cramps that constrict your activity..

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Sign of cervical cancer is lower abdominal pain,bloating and amenorrhea.

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besides cancer, which i hope its not,,, u could have pollups,,,, or possibly even endometriosis,,, the pollups can be removed by D and C,,,,,, the endometriosis is a condition caused by the sluffing of the endometrium,,, ie the inner inside layer of the uterus. which happens everytime u hold ur period. it can in fact attach itself and grow,,,,,,,, make sure u enjoy that checked out. good luck

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