Breast interrogate.GIRLS ONLY?

ok so...i have somewhat cousin who is like my sister. shes 13. she is approaching embarrassed. her breast size is a bit large for her age. she is a 34D.her 17 year infirm sister is smaller. she complains about it adjectives the time

is there any process to make your breasts smaller?

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She's only 13. I grasp why she's self-conscious, but she's probably grow into her breasts. Meaning that she will get taller, and the proportions of her body are going to amendment until she reaches 18 or 20 years of age.

So don't gladden her to change them, but to adopt herself as the gorgeous person that she is.

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i dont deem so, sorry

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Does It work?

She can wear one of those minimizer bras that manufacture you look smaller than you are.

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Is she overweight? If so loosing weight will help. If she is not later nothing will aid.

Sorry :(

Is there anyway to loose for a moment weight healthily?

a breast contraction but it cost alot but i would be proud of those

Answers PLEASE!?

tell her not to feel embarrassed=she will even out when she is finished growing

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Breast reduction surgery. I suppose she's too young at the moment though.

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I have this problem when I was younger, I use to catch teased alot because they be big for my age. I had to wear a sports bra and bigger shirts..That's what I have to do. She can see if that may help her.

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Guys know about this too. Breast growth is genetic, BUT if your cousin is also plump, corpulent, or obese, her body will be depositing fat near also. If she achieves and maintain a healthy solidity for her age, at the lower end of the BMI scope, that's the only passageway she can reduce the size of her breasts.

Every girl is different within terms of when they start to grow, how quick they grow, and how big they eventually get. If, when she get to be about 18, her breasts are much too big for the rest of her, she can obtain breast reduction surgery. In the meantime, she wishes to wear a bra that will support them adequately, not flatten them.

Any doctors or nurses out in attendance?

no just enlighten her nto to be embarresed and if people trade name fun of her there only just jealous

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you can variety them appear smaller by wearing a minimizer bra. it makes you look just about a size smaller. Or, there is surgery.

I use a minimizer bra, but I am, hopefully, going to enjoy surgery to reduce my size to a C following this year. I am a 38DD (or larger) and I just turned 18. I own been this big for give or take a few 3 or 4 years.

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I'm in one and the same position! I've always have big boobs and my older brother's girlfriends would be annoyed. Try minimizer bras. They give support to a bit, but they can be somewhat uncomfortable. Feel free to email me:

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