How to explain an Orgasm?

I just read a interview about an orgasm and be thinking to myself how in world would you explain an orgasm..male or womanly?

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an amazing swelling, tingling sensation starting at your toes and going adjectives the way to the top of your go before. too overwhelming to move.

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pure bliss...

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In the origination it feels righteous, but when it's coming it tenses my muscles and then my body become relaxed when the process is over. I suggest that you experience the feeling of have one.

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Orgasm is the conclusion of the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle, and is experienced by both males and females. Orgasm is characterized by intense physical pleasure, controlled by the involuntary, or autonomic, nervous system .It is accompany by quick cycles of muscle contraction within the lower pelvic muscles, which surround the primary sexual organs and the anus. Orgasms are often associated next to other involuntary actions, including vocalizations and muscular spasms in other areas of the body, and a across the world euphoric sensation.

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To be honest you cant realy define what an orgasm is.stupid but true

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