Average for girls up to that time..?

What is the average weight when girls start to receive their period? My neice asked and I don't know the answer for her...

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Girls have to enjoy a minimum of 10% body fat surrounded by order to menstruate. There is no specific body solidity.
Now a days girls can start menstrating at the age of 8
and start as late as 16 (anything subsequently than that u need to consult a doctor)

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There is no average it depends on her height and age..and her spell will come when its ready, doesnt situation what her weight is..alarm bells anyone

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there isnt one really. im quite little & i get it before i 'should' according to the counterbalance thingy. but it might mean she get more irregular periods.

Help please?

everyone have a different size and shape so just describe her to watch if her breasts are growing, spike is coming,.. just stay verbs i started growing at 10 so...

I really really really want to loose weight w/o maing it too oblivious that i am trying i weigh something like 135?

There is no average weight, Girls will start their cycle when their body is set, You may ask her mother when she started and it may be arround the same age.

Help me please really alarmed!! Doctors anybody!!?

theres no average weight for period to start its when your body is ready to do a transmutation so it depends on your body

About Pills!!?

No average weight, her body will hold a period when its primed

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