Cervical Cancer?

I have cervical cancer , and it merely got discouraging this week , i mean resembling bleeding vaginal discharge like everything said i go in 6 months ago and i have my cervix froze to get rid of anything i had and consequently i could never go to the subsequent appointment because my insurance had to be renewed contained by a few weeks but i waited presently 4 months to call them backbone and now im within worse condition when i thought they got rid of it someone bargain to me..im very panicky of what i might hear when i go fund now


Okay if they froze your cervics I'm thinking you have dysplasia. That is pre-cancerous cell. I would think if you have cancer they would have started you on chemo or something similar.

At any rate, you obligation to calm down and go and get back into the doctor because you may hold an infection now that's cause the bleeding. Don't panic, purely get into the doctor.

Seriously it be probably dysplasia. I had that and they froze my cervics and I be fine after that.

Why don't women's restrooms have urinals?

i'll pray for you ...

don't be afraid.. everything happen for a reason

Yeast infection?

One treatment does not cure cancer. Talk beside your doctor about insurance option. Depending on how aggressive the Cancer is, and how much it has spread, you may enjoy to have a hysterectomy. That freshly means your children will be adopt. Be on time for adjectives you appointments ...

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