Where does the womanly wetness come from?

is there gland that secrete that secretion? what produces it? is it really just sweat or urine? does it build up, or is it produced as needed? i own always wondered that. serious answers solitary please!

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The actual organ is call the duct of Douglas (don't ask me why, that's the medical term for it. Probably some Douglas personage who discovered it). It's a small duct located in the uterus.

Vaginal mucus is a intuitive substance occurring within the vagina, mainly the cervix, that maintains a faultless level of moisture at adjectives times. The consistency of vaginal mucus changes according to the term of the menstrual cycle. Both the chemical make-up and the physical consistency (viscosity) translation during this time. A sticky, clear consistency usually indicates that the woman is ovulating.

Excessive, or oddly coloured, mucus may indicate multiple infections of the vagina, or pregnancy.

During sexual stimulation the blood vessels compress inducing vasocongestion. As a result, more fluids (largely sweat) are introduced to the genitals creating a higher even of moisture. This makes permeation of the vagina easier as it serves as natural vaginal lubrication.

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from the cervix no its not sweat or urine, its usually stretchty which urine and sweat is not

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it comes from their vagina duh

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go to webmd.com they have adjectives the answers ur looking for

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All this information is on-line and next to all the answers to your question and more.

You're one the right road with the glands.

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sweat is jus made of river and salt and alot of other things and it have no urine in it and well it comes from ur pores the sweat gland pores logically and well sweating is something every one does cuz it is a channel of ur body cooling itself down

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um.i was wondering that too. i guess its sweat,thats what these poeple read aloud but id check it out effect it doesnt taste approaching sweat, but im not doctor so i guess who knows.

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Are you discussion about vaginal lubrication during sexual buzz? It's secreted by the cells contained by the lining of the vagina, in response to hormonal messages triggered by sexual arousal, beneath normal conditions. It's not sweat or urine. There is feminine ejaculate too but I don't know where that comes from.

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There are special glands inside the vagina that camouflage the lubrication you are talking give or take a few. It is neither sweat nor urine, it is a different bodily fluid specifically for sexual lubrication. Just like other glands, they store a reserve supply until it is needed, afterwards produce more as the reserve is used up.

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