I had a tubal ligation 11 years ago. I'm 42 days into my cycle and no interval. 2 home tests be neg.?

Age 44 with some nausea, crampiness, bloating, tiredness, sore breasts. Could I pregnant even though test neg.?

I need some clarification going on for birth control?

here comes the menopause!it's time to visit a doctor!


Could it be menopause? I'd budge to your doctor and have it checked out. Good luck!

A sound out about feminine geriatric patients.?

I would say you are probably not pregnant. Sounds more approaching menopause creeping up. When I first started going through it I would miss periods for two or three months, next have one for several months, after skip two again..etc. Sometimes I would have symptoms close to you are describing, but never a period would show. You necessitate to see your gynecologist.

Is there a route to prevent or reduce the growth of fibroids?

i dont enjoy any idead. go to the doctor or something. immediately !

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