Pelvic Pain, Enlarged Ovary: Not Cyst or Fibroids?

I am 22 years old and I hold nearly chornic pelvic pain on my right side directly by my hip bone. It get worse during my period, during and only just after sex, and when I cough, laugh, or step to the bathroom.

When it first started hurting I had a small egg shaped bump contained by that area. I go to the emergency room and they basically pat me on the head, and said it be probably just lymph nodes.

During my subsequent pelvic exame, I brougt this up. My doctor discovered my right ovary is enlarged and sent me for an ultrasound. It found nothing. So they give me an internal ultrasound.

They still couldn't find anything. They have ruled out fibroids, cysts, and endometriosis. I be basically told I am fine and to stop worrying, but it have been two years! I am especially concerned nearly fertility.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Ladies I requirement advice!!?

if you are still worried, why don't you shift see another doctor? if ultrasound can't find it, how about CT or MRI? it is severely likely that something is wrong next to your right ovary.

you still have your vanished one, so your fertility should not be affected

and you may have hypochondria

The ruthless conviction that one is or is likely to become below par, often involving symptoms when infection is neither present nor likely, and persist despite reassurance and medical evidence to the contrary. Also called hypochondriasis.

I am 19 yrs old-fashioned. and i have the most irregular length cycles. they can be between 31-48 days long.?

I would recommend getting another opinion and preferably from someone that does not share matching office of the gynecologist you basically saw.

You mentioned that you were checked for endometriosis. I don't know when your closing laparoscopy was but looked-for to let you know that purely because it came wager on as showing nothing wrong that doesn't necessarily close-fisted that you don't have it.

Sometimes endometriosis lesion can be missed because of the kind of color they are, some of them looking clear a short time ago like dampen drops. And a dr who is not familiar next to endometriosis of this or some other colors will miss it. It can also be missed if it's in a location that the dr is not decipherable with working in such as the areas at the rear the uterus such as a thin level of tissue that sits between the vagina and rectum called the rectovaginal septum.

We also hold two cul-de-sacs (one to the front and one toward the back). The one in the front is close to the ovaries and when endometriosis get there the drs can miss it.

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