Menstrual Cramps?

I have a small request for information. Before I started having sex, I hold never had menstrual cramps. Now, every time my interval gets close to, I have fairly painful cramps (feel similar to crawling on the walls sometimes from them). Is this normal?


No. Talk to your doctor going on for this and s/he might proscribe you medicine in recent times for your cramps. =)

No underwear?

I'd ask theOb/gyn since it sounds like the cramps are more tight than usual. he can take a look to brand name sure that there aren't any infections, inflammation, or cysts.

Labia texture?

Period change are normal. However, cramping that is to say that bad isnt.

Whenever your period change you inevitability to let your doc or gyn know. So label an appointment to see him/her.

If you are having cramps right in a minute, try using a hot water bottle or help yourself to a Midol if you have any. You can also delicately massge your abdomen within a circular motion. Either way though, you call for to see your doctor.

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have not have sex; but used to have remarkably painful cramps during my menses or even 1-2 days b/4; immensely severe than your i think. It is mistaken belief to believe that if you have sex you won't be experiencing this severe stomach-ache.

IT IS NOT A SEX THING; it is equally not a normal my dear. But you did not ask for a solution; i shd own given you.

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