Benign Ovarian Tumor removed. After Surgery, Started have R. Temporal Lobe Seizures and fibromyalgia?

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I have a benign r. ovarian tumor, fallopian tube removed and within 10 months starting have r. temporal lobe seizures at age 41. Also go into menopause. Also terrible, dismal body aches and feel like I have the flu all the time. Severe fatigue. Lower leg ache and weak when I amble along with lower arm ache. I started aching adjectives over and was on disability for 1 year diagnosed next to Fibromyalgia. Also terrible, calamitous short term memory loss. Can anyone aid me to understand this because the dr's sure can't, they newly send me to mental robustness. I am on tegretol for the temporal lobe seizures where on earth the MRI says I own a lesion on the R. side of my brain but thats all they enunciate about that. The seizure are cyclical. I guess I still have a cycle even though I don't hold a period and my seizure always transpire the same week of every month. I usually hold 3 during that week even though I'm on tegretol. Can anyone help me?
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It appears that you are not getting the answers you call for from your doctors. You could very powerfully be in hasty menopause at 41, but that could also be caused by hormonal lack of correspondence due to the lesion on your brain.

Also if you are still having seizure even though you are on medication, why has your doctor not changed your medication? If one med doesn't work another one probably will. There are heaps different meds for seizures. I be on anti-seizure meds for 3 months after I had brain surgery as a precaution against seizure. I had an allergic repercussion to Dilantin, so my surgeon switched me to Keppra. Since Tegretol isn't working for you they should try another one.

Have any of your doctors told you what the brain lesion is? That is probably what is causing the seizure and some of your other health problems. I be diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor 3 years ago and initially it be called a lesion (after a CAT scan), but after an MRI it be diagnosed as a "probable meningioma". A definite diagnosis cannot be made until surgery or biopsy, and lab work on the tissue. But from the MRI they should be capable of give you a "probable" diagnosis, so you know what you are dealing beside.

If you don't have them already, you requirement to request your own copies of the MRI, CAT scans, written radiologists reports for the scan and whatever else you can take your hands on. These are your medical accounts and you have a right to your own set of copies.

Once you enjoy those, read them and do your own research online. You can contact many highest hospitals directly or have your primary prudence physician do it for you. Many of these hospitals can give you a treatment counsel just from sending them your medical documentation.

This is your health you are dealing beside and you are a young woman. Take achievement in directive to get the medical treatment you deserve.

Feel free to contact me by email if you would close to to.

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