Is it a good article to get implant?

Im 21 and was thinking in the region of geting a boob job within the furture. But not so sure if i should risk it. Everyone i know who has big breasts HATE THEM! They articulate there correct for getting guys and what not, but other then that here back hurts, they cant lay on nearby tummys or ware certian tops lol. Im 5 feet towering and weigh 130. I want the boobies so i look better and....yea thats about it haha. But i personal muse i dont look good beside big boobs @_@ cuz im so short, and short girls with big boobs look kinda chuncky around the wast. Also I might not bring lucky and end up next to problems and on and off visit to the Doctor! lol Well it looks like i answered my own press! But still its such an off and on topic next to me! My boyfriend prefers i dont get them cuz he hate the way they look and have a feeling. But I dont know.. i have years to construe about it and pick up up! So what do u think? is it even worth it?


I am a mammographer and I own felt/touched hundreds of breasts with implant. I don't like them at adjectives. The majority are hard to the touch and are not pleasing to the eye. About partly of my implant patients regret their finding. Interestingly enough, almost ALL of my breast narrowing patients say they would do it again. The other problem I own with implant could be even more important. It is much harder to find a breast cancer on mammogram films when the woman have implants. The implant cover the majority of the breast tissue. The look like big white balloon on the film. If in attendance is a breast cancer under that white balloon, you will never see it. If you completely are decided to acquire implants, own them inserted behind the chest wall. It won't interfer reasonably as much with your mammograms that passageway.

As to your question concerning the risks involved with breast drive in surgery, see the following site:

Pubic Hair?

This should answer your question...
I hold observed autopsies and can tell you that they hold onto the implant for 10 years. I can also tell you that simple mamograms become not so simple. It doesnt situation if breast cancer runs in your kinfolk or not. It also doesnt matter if you own them taken out before its time to start getting mamo's... the defect tissue will mess up the films anyway.
I can also tell you that implant have be known to burst... mostly contained by car accident.

There is more to you than just your boobs. Love the ones you own... trust me on this.

But i've been nocting after i pee my stomach starts to cramp what could that plan?

Your body will still go through plentifully of changes. When I be younger, I had smaller boobs. But as I get older, my metabolism slowed and gain a few pounds in the boob nouns along w/elsewhere. And I'm trying to get the pounds past its sell-by date and wish it be like past. Who knows what will occur when I have kids, lol.Now, I look rear legs and should have appreciated my body more. I withered so much time thinking about boob size. My hubby loves them from the start and beside time, I started to too. Learn to love them and look at the great things about it. You don't hold to worry more or less finding bras, tops that fit, or back agony. And if there's a top that wishes a little boost, enjoy some padded/push up bras around or inserts. And no complications or risks like w/surgery! And no involve to have them redo. I say love they ones you enjoy. They'll love you back when you bring older and don't flop or cause you anguish. It's all just about confidence.The girls I envy are the ones who have greatly of confidence and has nought to do w/boob size, weght, clothes, etc. Your bf is a smart man. =) Good luck!

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