Otay, You might think this is a really stupid query.
But is there anything I can do to speed up to process on them growing?

And what does it scrounging when you feel a sharp misery in them?
I'm 16 and something like a week ago my left breast only starting hurting hardcore, Then a day subsequently my right one started hurting.
Does this mean in that growing?
Or should I see a doctor?
And no I do not feel a "lump" of any loving on them.

UltrasoundWhat can I expect?

For the pain, I reason it's because you might be in that time of the month where on earth your breasts are sensitive. I happens, usually, around the ovulating time. I don't know if you have have your first periods but (though you're 16, it can happen sometimes to not draw from them before 18), but it might be the indication that this is coming.

As for them man bigger, I don't think in that's much you can do. As you may know, breasts are made, amongst other things, of fat tissues. If you gain weight (which I do not recommend), consequently your breasts would get bigger. But you're solely 16, which means they will probably acquire bigger by the time you're 20. I'm 22 and they're still growing. You'll just own to be patient. But a suitable indicator of how big their going to be when they're fully grown, is by kinda looking at those of the females in your family (mother, aunts, grandmas). It's usually kinda genetic how big they are, so it will endow with you a good notion.

Hope that helps!

?period and birth control?

They're growing. Believe it or not, Boobies have growing pains too. They could also sting right before your menstrual cycle so don't rule that out. Also, I don't regard it is possible to speed up the growth. If it worries you too much then ask your Doc give or take a few it, but at your age the risk of getting breast cancer is very slim. Just be long-suffering and you may end up beside a larger cup size by 17.

I have dizziness and i own to pee a lot, i dont believe im pregnant, is it an infection?

Okay, I read this article online that said if you massage them for 2-3 minutes everyday it will brand them bigger. I did this for awhile, and then when my boyfriend saw them again, he be like "Whoa, you've gotten more plump since the closing time I saw you." ... I know, kinda gross... but it works...

Placental pills?

This can mean that they are growing.But purely in valise,do try to see a docter.

How do I prevent?

they are probably just growing...and within is no scientific proof that anything can variety your boobs bigger...its genetic.if there be i would have done it myself 10 years ago =oD

Would it bother you?

Just gain shipment. Thats the only road to speed up the growth.

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