I am 23 and never had a pap smear, can i own cervical cancer?

i have be sexually active for two years now

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You should go to the doctor and take a pap smear and get on some birth control and use protection while have sex. You're pretty young, I'd vote your chances of have cervical cancer is slim but it's always erudite to get that check up once a year to spawn sure everything is fine. The earlier things are caught, the probability are better...not just for cancer but cysts and other problems you might hold.

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Anythings possible... I ruminate its important to hold it done. You should think nearly going in and getting yourself looked at. They usually make you own that done if you are on birth control.

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I don't know to be precise what the paps smear will tell you! Most plausible not though!



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Yeah, probably not though. But you really should get tested every year, it is so critical.

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you could -- but, its outstandingly unlikely- wouldn't get worried more or less it - but, would be good for you to bring a papsmear- to make sure you don't hold HPV - which causes the cancer.

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Sure , YOu might have it right in a minute. ANY one can have it. Why do you suggest they reccomend yearly pap smears and pelvic exams? Unless your susper human or hold robotic futuristic powers, you can get cancer too. Go return with a pas test silly. It take 5 minutes and doesn't even hurt.

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You should talk to your doctor my mother only just fought cervical cancer. and she hurt like hell after..But unequivocally go draw from a pap smear done..they dont hurt they are just mortified

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you call for to get one. GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR!

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you need to take checked

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NO. But after you are thirty five years old better do that oral exam yearly.

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deff. get one. i am 18 and enjoy hpv. it causes cervical cancer. but it is unlikely you hold it now. it take 10 to 15 years before it become cancer. but you cn have precancerous cell. (dysplasia) i have mild dysplasia. it is treatable and is unlikel to progress into a superior level of dysplasia because it be caught early. but the cell will have to be removed in a flash.

GO get CHECKED. woulsnt you close to to live longer than 33 or 38?

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absoloutly u could or hpv or an std. i know it's ambarrassing but c'mon u could go to planned paternity for free u must have some birth control or condems or both. condems for sure other these prevent the spread of disease o.k.

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You most of course could have cervical cancer. You should enjoy started getting a yearly pap and pelvic exam when you turned 18. Call today and product an appointment with your regular doc to get hold of this done ASAP.

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Cervical cancer is a disease contained by which some cells surrounded by the cervix show abnormal, uncontrolled growth. Cervical cancer is commonly caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV. HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that go away by itself and rarely lead to cervical cancer. However, there are other risks that may head to cervical cancer like not getting a regular Pap check.
It is important to know give or take a few cervical cancer because it is one of the few cancers to be precise nearly 100% preventable and curable when found early!

Who is at risk for cervical cancer.
Women who have sex or enjoy ever had sex.
Women who enjoy never had a Pap theory test.
Women who have not have a Pap test contained by the last five years.
Women who smoke.
Women who are HIV positive.

What you should know more or less pap tests.
A Pap theory test is a simple, painless test to check for any nonstandard cells on a woman's cervix.

A Pap theory test is done in a doctor's organization. It takes individual a few seconds. The doctor uses a tiny brush to wipe some cell off the cervix. The cell are put on a slide and sent to a lab where they are checked.

Cancer Detection Programs: Every Woman Counts covers the following services in connection with Pap tests:

Women age 25 and elder who qualify for free cervical cancer screening with Cancer Detection Programs: Every Woman Counts may receive a Pap check every year. If the Pap test is ordinary three years in a row after the doctor may decide that the Pap testing can be repeated every three years instead of every year.
Cancer Detection Programs: Every Woman Counts also pays for Pap tests after hysterectomies for program eligible women if the hysterectomy showed evidence of cervical cancer.
The American Cancer Society make the following cervical cancer screening recommendations to women:
A woman should start getting every twelve months Pap tests at the age of 21 or three years after she starts have sex, whichever comes first.
Starting at the age of 30 a woman should talk to her doctor roughly how often to capture a Pap test. Some women age 30 and elder only requirement a Pap test every two or three years.
Women who enjoy gone through menopause still need to seize a Pap test.
Women who hold had a hysterectomy should homily to their doctor about their want for getting a Pap test.

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You could. It depends on how several partners, whether they are circumcised or not, & if condoms are used. You should hold an annual exam EVERY year once you become active. Make an appt to see a gyno.

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You know, it's other a possibility. They now enjoy a vaccine for cervical cancer (it is a virus that causes the cancer) I would recommend going to your doctor, or find a gynecologist to speak with you give or take a few this. It's really important for a babyish woman to begin to purloin charge of her body - caring for it by going to a strength care professional, AND protecting it by using not solitary birth control (if you are not ready to enjoy children) BUT carry condoms beside you. Don't just move that up to the guy. Do these two things, and you have a better randomness of being hearty in the adjectives.

Good Luck Dear.

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You could have. A pap smear is designed to find irregular cells on the cervix, and if found they will biopsy them to check for cancer. It's recommended that adjectives sexually active women procure pap smears every year. You really should have have one by now, so please bring in an appointment today! I would also consider the new Guardasil vaccine that protects you from faultless types of HPV, which can cause cervical cancer.

I've done lots of work surrounded by clinics where I see so several women with HPV, the virus that cause cervical cancer. Most people don't know that condoms don't fully protect you from the HPV virus because it is so small. If you own sex with condoms every single time you could still get hold of HPV and never know it. It's important to bring back pap smears because they can detect abnormal cell caused by HPV.

I can't stress this ample, limit your sexual partner and always use a condom! I notice the common subject matter with women who have HPV was that they have slept with more than 3 population per year and had a lifetime partner count of 15.

Take carefulness of yourself girl and go attain a PAP.

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Having a pap smear does not prevent you from have cervical cancer, but pinpointing whether you could have or not. It also traces whether you own abnormal cell. Most women who have cervical cancer usually get it, because any their mom's have have it, it would run in the home. I strongly suggest that you go for a pap smear seeing that you are sexually alive.

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You stipulation to get a pap smear to find that out. With HPV on the rise anything is possible. I own HPV and had cervical dysplasia, which is the initiation stages of cervical cancer. But since I get per annum pap smears they caught it early and took support of it before it become a major problem. Go achieve a PAP SMEAR!

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Please read what I have written, it may instil you.

As to weather you do or not, I don't know. I hope not.

Please see that you start having them done regularly.

During my pregnancy I have a spot on my uterus, they didn't tell me until after my daughter be born. After my daughter was born my pap exam came pay for as a possible indication of cancer. I was lucky and it adjectives turned out alright. I did have to own a D and C done, that showed that every thing be fine.

This year my pap test come back on the lower run out of the scale, near is a scale of between some entry like 0- 4. The highly developed it is on the scale the greater the fortune of cancer, 4 usually is cancer. Mine came subsidise around a 1 or some where effective there, designation a possibility of my having cancer cell starting.

I was competent to have a procedure done that removed the cell. It has an extremely difficult designation to pronounce, so they call it LEEP for short. In this procedure they in truth cut off the tip of your cervix and rake up the cervix to remove any possible cancer cells. This procedure may own saved my duration, so far the test I've have since have shown no more problems.

This procedure can build it difficult for a women to carry a tot after this is done, since it weaken the cervix. It is an extreemly raw proceedure to have to travel through. But I'm thankful/blessed to have be able to enjoy the LEEP proceedure done and not have to suffer through a hysterectomy as several women have. Every three months I own to go stern in and be checked and also enjoy a pap done as well, this final time the results were adjectives clear. God bless the many women who hold had to stir through hysterectomys, my heart goes out to them.

BTW: My husband cheated on me while we be married, we have immediately been divorced for 16 years. It may own been a payment that he gave me. What a offering to be given!

Please take assistance of your self, it may just collect your life.

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There is always the possibility, so it's perfect to get regular check-ups & practice undamaging sex.

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