Menstrual Cramps?

I get horrible menstrual cramps. I am on the pill and never find my period because of the dosage. I used to bring back cramps during the 2nd-3rd week(ovulation), but since I have be on the higher dosage those have faded, but I still get them when I am on the sugar pills. Ibpruphen, tylenol, midol, advil, and bayer do not relieve unfortuantely. Any ideas what to do?

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Find a place locally where you can buy essential oil. Buy some peppermint essential oil and whenever you are have cramps rub two or three drops in your bellybutton. It is a unconscious alternative to medicine, and may not other work perfectly, but it can backing.

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You need to sermon to your gyno. They actually may call for to lower your dosage. Was there a specific use they raised your dose? Is it more vital than the cramps. You may need to substance these against each other.

How to treat vaginal soreness?

seriously it might be gross but own sex!! its the best thing out nearby to make cramps stir away!! If thats not possible do a work out, or stir to the gym! These 2 things will work... no meds needed

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labor pains weren't as bad! a solid warm tub does wonders. unfortunately, this is not other posssible, but a heating wipe is pretty good and portable. what i grain actually works the best is massage the uterus area, relaxing the muscles. it take a while but it works. my doctor also told me that cramps are caused by a chemical impulse in the body during the time of year. ibuprofen slows or stops the production of the chemical. he told me that if i know ahead of time that my period is coming, to start taking ibuprofen afterwards, and continu taking regular doses until the cramp time has passed. it in fact works

Skipping your period (exercise)?

If you dont plan to gain preg anytime soon you could consider deoprovera shots for birth control instead of the pills. It stops your ovulation each month so no time and no pain.

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