I have a tubal ligation ask?

I have (3) children, I own been on the Depo for 18 months, and I be considering tubal ligation, because I am always missing my shot date. The depo is taking my fuzz out, weight gain, and sex drive not mortal nice. My cousin had a impossible experience with her tubal, I am somewhat scared. Please help

When calculating ur menstrual cycles?

hold you looked into NFP? it doesn't mean "not for protestants" and it's NOT the rythym method for Catholics merely. It's a safe method to determine when you are fertile to avoid or get done a pregnancy. It's easy to revise, cheap, works with your body, it strengthens your bond as a married couple, plus it doesn't interact beside any medications. DH & I enjoy been using it to avoid a pregnancy due to the multiple strength problems I have and we haven't have any problems with it.

It does require committment and communication from both party but isn't that what marriage is adjectives about? you will enjoy so much to gain and nothing to lose.

Since i started my period i have be getting a pain contained by my ryt side wen i on it gose?

Have you man step up to the plate and get a vasectomy.

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