Can a hormonal embalance incentive a woman to gain weight, grow quill in unwanted places and luggage fatigue?

If so, then what types of treatment or drug is helpful? And will the symptoms return to average with treatment?

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It can. I have thyroid problems and sometimes your test can come back regular and your thyroid is still out. I've listed a website to comfort you find out more information as well as find a honourable Dr. that can help beside that. If it is your hormones, you can try using progesterone cream. That helps out a great deal. It does take a few months formerly you notice big change, but I felt more dynamism right away. I've listed a cooperation for that as well, only click on the link for perimenopause.

Please Read.?

Yes, sounds close to a thyroid problem.
You'll need blood test /hormone panel done to be sure.

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i dont kno about fatigue, but i know my friend have chin hair... poor girl

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Natural remedies nouns for bladder infection (other than cranberry juice)?



What should I do?

Yes a hormonal imbalance can effect all of the above. Only your doctor can relate you what you should do or what medications may be requisite.

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I'm not a doctor of any kind, so I can't make a contribution a definite or anything. But I will articulate I get like peas in a pod symptoms. I had a ovarian cyst burst when I be sixteen and have be on birth control ever since. I think that's when I first started getting the hair, and I definitely gain weight. Over the years, my doctors own had me try masses different pills to see if they lessened any of the symptoms, and some actually did. I would suggest one checked out for cysts. My Mom, who has be a nurse for over 25 five years, tells me that have multiple cysts can be a cause of pelt growth. Good luck!

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