ok well you know how surrounded by karate the clothing is usually white..well when it comes tht time of the month i'm pretty sure adjectives of us feel self-concious and you still used pad and all but u still grain a bit in-secure is there anything that i can do that if i give somebody a lift karate that i will feel a bit more protected and have adjectives my attention to karate and not worrying about have an accident of some sort...? i tight-fisted i really want to do karate but i still feel insecure.cuz i dont something impossible and embarassing to happen.((not tampons is not the answer to my problem))

After you own your 1st period how long should it thieve to get the 2nd one?

You could wear dusk spandex short under your outfit. I know that would engender me feel better.

Wondering more or less period?

Get some 'granny pant' for karate classes. I mean underwear near generous gussets. Use ultra permeable pads next to wings, and you should be fine.

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