HIV test on abort fetuses?

When a woman gets an abortion the fetus is sent to the lab for conducting tests for abnormalities...what are they carrying out tests for? is it std or hiv? cancers? i other wanted to know

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If the pregnancy was terminated because in attendance was a problem beside the baby, sometimes they are tested after for suspected abnormality. Most likely they would be genetic conducting tests. I have not hear of post termination HIV testing.

This would be done at the discretion of the parents. Possibly on the recommend of a physician if some rare genetic problem be suspected. It could help the parents on ruling's on whether or not they should attempt to have another child.

I own personally be involved with 2 of these cases. Both involved fetuses next to inutero abnormalities see on ultrasound, and were suspected of have very special genetic disorders.

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I never know they conducted tests on abort fetuses. Doesn't make a in one piece lot of sense.

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I dont cogitate anyone would be sending their aborted fetues past its sell-by date for checks, they were abort because they were unwanted surrounded by the first place, I dont think they would contemplation if they had aids etc.
I mull over someone has be bullshitting you.

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Any time anyone have surgery, any tissue that is taken out of the body have to go to "the lab." It is truly a pathology lab, and they look under the microscope at any tissue taken out of anyone. This is simply a standard procedure.

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Every aborted fetus must be tested to sort sure it all come out. this usually means piecing it vertebrae together (arms, legs, etc) and making sure there are no missing parts. If part of the fetus is disappeared in you, you will start hemorrhaging and could bleed to passing if you don't get proper medical comfort.

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