Will a endometriotic cyst shrink during Menopause?


Ladies: a question for you..!!?

Endometriomas do not respond in good health to medical treatment with hormonal suppression or the "see and wait" approach. The gold standard of treatment is laparoscopic surgery contained by which it can be excised and/or open and drained by someone beside advanced surgical skills and a thorough knowledge of treating Endometriosis and endometriomas. If you are close to menopause (within 1 yr. or so), you can try to keep on to see if it shrinks, but there is no guarantee that menopause will make smaller the size and/or relieve any symptoms of Endo at all. If it ruptures, the stomach-ache is considerable and the contents will spill out into the pelvis, causing potential new problems.

As an aside, if you do go through menopause and the endometrioma continues to thrive - or any other cysts appear on the ovaries - you should be fully evaluated.

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