I hold osteo arthritis, is there any automatic cures for this?


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not a cure but it will assistance. use Manuka Honey. you can now achieve it in medication too!! take thinking lovey!

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No cure, but perhaps herbal remedies could relieve with your stomach-ache and inflammation. Have a look at the following link which suggests what could be added to your diet. http://www.pathlights.com/nr_encyclopedi...

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Homoeopathy have good remedies to control the headache, swelling, stiffness and creaking sound contained by the joints that form the major course of the disease. It has remedies to prevent further degeneration of cartilage thereby limiting the progression of the disease.
Rest, exercise and consignment reductions move about a long way surrounded by giving relief to the merciful in light of day to day events.
But as with any other nice of treatment you need to find a specialist that can pinpoint the cause, see the progression and prescribe the remedy.
Check with the Alternative Medicine Association for a specialist essential you.

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be thankful you own the better of the two as rheumatoid is by far the worse. At the moment i have osteoarthritis contained by my fingers (great ugly bumps on the knuckles) and very soon in my thumb reciprocated ,ever so, ever so painful next to any kind of movement e.g. housework. A lovely physio psychiatric therapist is trying acupuncture and hopefully this will help. I also find a splint given free on the NHS to hold on to thumb joint as still as possible ,is helping especially whilst driving.Do your exercises that you will be given and hopefully you will find natural life easier

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There are lots of natural cures for osteoarthritis.

I other feel that the best approach is an individualised approached as advise by a herbalist or homoeopath - find someone qualified and experienced to help.

However, within are a number of raw producs that are worth trying - glucosamine is probably one of the best known and recurrently effective product. Choose one beside chondroitin in addition. Glucosamine have even been reported surrounded by the British Medical Journal as being willing in arthritis - so it's get to be good! Good nutrition is defining, especially essential fatty acids.

Simple things such as Emu oil (used to rub into the joints) can also be advantageous, but do consider possible aggravating factors, such as food intolerance, as these can cause the difference between the success or dud of any treatment.

Finally, herbal medicines can also be invaluable - Harpagophytum (Devli's Claw) is a reasonably well agreed herb - and many contain fluent aspirin (salicylate) which explains their effectiveness.

And don't forget to drink plenty of dampen, because if you are dehydrated, so are your joint.

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"Many of my patients using natural progesterone cream report nouns of chronic aches and pains, and other doctors hold reported this to me You can rub progesterone cream or oil directly on the reciprocal or tissue that hurts. I do not have a upright explanation for why it works, but the consistency of the reports makes me believe it does." John R Lee What your doctor may not share you about menopause

See also Optimal Health Guidelines by John R Lee on hand from www.johnleemd.com

Have a browse on the web for raw progesterone USP or visit a doctor well-versed about intuitive progesterone there is a account at www.npis.info

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There are no cures at all, colloquial or otherwise.

Keep as active as you can, and arrange suitable dull pain relief any over the counter or from your GP. We are not yet clever plenty to do much else!

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