Stress and Sex?

Ok, I have be going through some serious stress lately with selling my house and moving across the country. Needless to voice, I'm strung a little tight...literally. My vaginal muscles are clamped so tight that it hurts to hold sex. My doctor says it is basically the stress. Has this happened to anyone else?

Period. [girls]?

it happen to me!! i was stresses due to money and it not single hrut me but it hurt my bf... its getting a little better but its still really complex to destress

SEX! . whats the chance of.?

Stress can product you a bit dry as well. Try some really right lubrication which should help next to dryness and create a little nouns to relieve some of the pain of infiltration.

This is just a ask but im wondering how do you get boobs to be bigger?

drink a box of wine and lube it okay

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