Menstrual Cramps?

This is kinda embarassing, but when i get my time of year i get EXTREMELY unpromising cramps, and once i even had to stay home from conservatory because of it. I've tried Midol and it didn't work at all. I usually filch Advil liquid gel, but they recently stopped working and I don't know what to do. Should i step to the doctor to get tablets? By the way, I'm solely a teenager.

I own been really stressed lately and immediately freeking about man pregnant..?

Yes you should. I had alike problem for many years and my mom kept insisting that it be normal. Then I finally go to the doctor and they put me on birth control and now I enjoy no problem at all. Tell your mom that you want to step. Birth control is the first method they try and it works wonders.

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birth contol might help help me..i had to turn through the same piece..every med i took did not work at all...reach a deal to your parents about birth control

I am on birthcontrol regularly, however in that are sometimes when I miss a day or 2, sometimes 3 but I other?

oh poor u i used to get similar to that i would get to the point the headache was so desperate i would vomit, u should get ur self checked for me it be ovarian cysts, i took birth control for a while to help next to the cysts and the pain. try alleve start to pilfer it since the day b-4 ur interval hope u feel better!!

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Go to thedoctors and catch some advice.Doctors will omly prescribe thePill for teenagers over 16.My daughter have a similar problem,The doctor recommended ponderstanwhich you can get at the chemist short a prescription.I used to take a supplement call vitamin b12which you need to lift around day 10 to the finishing of the period.It help.

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