about a year ago
i discovered if i balled up my pilow real tight and (with my underwear on) close to idk 'rubbed up against it' i guess in a way..
i bring this tingly feelings and it feel really good:)

does anyone know what that is to say?

What is a **?

YES! It's an orgasm. Great, aren't they?

35 wks pregnant canI take a benadryl?

you be horny and masturbating

Breaking your hymen?

i dont know

What Should I Do? Am I Being Abused?


How do you take power nap?

I don't think you come. It sounds like you in recent times got excited and begin to feel the accurate feelings associated near sex. When you have an orgasm, you'll know.

I lately had a urine trial done to find UTI, but they found an abnormal amount of blood..what could exact this?

why wait another year maintain up the good work and try it lacking panties

Can you take prenatal vitamins near metformin and yaz 28?

that's experience an orgasm or are on the verge of an orgasm...if you be to excite yourself that way and after maybe use your fingers a bit you would have a really really appropriate feeling. Don't listen to anyone who tell you it's involve to know how to pleasure yourself before anyone else can. Isn't it crazy how humans a short time ago kind of know what to do? You didn't even know what you be doing just feel good. It's amazing...keep hold of up the good work! :-)

My length opnly lasted 2-3 days and it usually last 4-6? What's wrong?

You are getting close to an orgasm, keep it up, you are nearly here.

Menopause is when a women stops her period right?

You are getting horny or sexually excited.When you get an orgasm here is some amount of discharge.

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