Fibroids or cysts?

When I run I get a naueating stomach-ache in my lower stomach where on earth my ovaries are. On a scale of 1-10 the strain is like a 7, but it make me very green about the gills and light head and I get especially pale. Once I lay down after running I obtain better, but I am still weak. The niggle kinda feels approaching I am getting my period but I am not. Does this nouns like fibroids or cysts? I am going to see my doc. Also I freshly got done running and I started to surface it coming back but it wasn't as impossible but right now I am really lacklustre.

Can the morning after pill work if you have sex hours after taking it?

it doesnt necessarily own to be any of could be anything else even.if it is a cyst you are most likely to achieve irregular periods,and you tend to miss periods normally.the pain will be minimum and you might perceive a heavy thought in your lower belly with the spell like affliction.but if its a fibroid you may either not even observe or if its big enough you might own pricking pain.adjectives you can do is see your gynaecologist and do some tests and ultrasound scan.that will confirm what ever it is.

Ive be having unexpected pains in my chest? what could it be?

i was wondering if u have the same spasm during sex? it could be pollups,,,,,, cervical problems,,, a cyst on ur overy,,,,,, could also be endometriosis,,,,,,,, i wish u right luck

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