What's Menopause?

Just wondering.. Not really sure what it is.

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The menopause is the terminate of a woman's reproductive cycle. It just scheme that she will stop ovulating and wll have no more period. There are many accompanying symptoms as your body readjusts, and abundant women take hormone replacement psychiatric help (HRT) to stave off the aging process a bit.

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the fall of periods hurrah

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a big excuse to be horrible for a bit.

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Give it a Google. It is a long story and I am not in the mood to administer a lecture on "feminine hormones and their effects on the body at different stages of life 101".

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Although your mother or grandmother may have used "the change" to refer to menopause, it isn't a single event. Instead, it's a transition that can start in your 30s or 40s and concluding into your 50s or even 60s. You may begin to experience signs and symptoms of menopause powerfully before your period stop permanently. Once you haven't have a period for 12 consecutive months, you've reach menopause.

There's lots more info at the link.

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For women when no more menstruation is christen menopause.
Usually after 45 years old

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Hi nearby menopause is when the womans body is changing ,the begining of hell ,Hot Flushes ,Mood Swings,restless legs and lighter period then eventually none.This also ability no more babies hooray these hot flushes are awful if you do get them purloin Black Chosh they will help stop them.Hope this help you take prudence

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the modification of life - its the reward for putting up next to the curse all those years. it comes next to hot flushes, weight gain, brittle bones, mood swings, but hey some citizens are lucky they dont have any symptons...

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