Uterine fibroids. Needing information. Warning - description of problem is rather clear.?

I have two roomy unterine fibroids. This weekend I experienced what I would equate to hemorraging. I was on a road trip and we stopped so I could jump to the bathroom to change. As I be walking to the bathroom to change pad, a large clot passed and blood begin running down my legs. I was too humilated to budge into the bathroom, so I told my husband we needed to stay in a hotel so I could clean up. The amount of blood be unimaginable. I am currently waiting on my insurance company to approve a surgery MRI guided ultrasound surgery a non invasive procedure- to alleviate the fibroids. What I want to know is whether there are any incidences where on earth women have bleed to loss from uterine hemorraging due to fibroids. I am getting ready to write to the CEO of my insurance because as I linger, this situation does not get any better, it single gets worse. I do not want to conclude up bleeding to death. I hold done a google search and own not found anything conclusive about mortality rates related to this

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There are reported cases- I know a being who was admit to hospital unconcoius becasue she had bleed so much from her fibroids.
If your fiobriods are this desperate, i doubt that non-ivaseive ultrasound treatment is going to work or at least be adequate talk to your doctor roughly how bad these are getting and bargain to them about your best preference.
A lot of the MRI/ultrasound non-ivasive surgical treatments, which are more experimental, are less possible to be covered by your insurance company.
If you are taking anti-inflammatories for any pain, I suggest you stop taking them (after phoning your doctor), because these can increase bleeding.
If the insurance company wont operate, subsequent time the bleeding gets so unpromising go straight to the ER.

BTW- I've other found phoning is better than writing- they have to provide you an answer and you dont have to hang around weeks for them to get to your missive in the post pile

contact the national uterine fibroids foundation for mortality stats http://www.nuff.org

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I have never hear myself of someone bleeding to death from fibroids but you can bleed to disappearance through bleeding.

If the fibroids are causing such through bleeding you need support now. Like an emergency D & C. You can die through blood lose. As I form a group you would know, so need to stop bleeding close to that as soon as possible.

Such long term bleeding can also organize to long term problems similar to severe anaemia.

Push your insurance company with correspondence, faxes and phone calls.
Let you Doctor know straight away.

I live contained by Australia so treatment is free and immediate so I can not utter how to help beside your hospital treatment in the USA.
But nagging, pestering and getting on their nerves can work wonders some times.

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I have one uterine fibroid but enjoy been going through some crazy bleeding. Every month I ring up the doctor and the assistant assures me that no one have bleed to death but what does she know. My doctor is ignore my fibroid and putting me on a combipatch for hormones to see if it regulates the bleeding. How big are your fibroids, if you don't mind me asking? Mine is 2.5cm all around.

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Call your OBGYN if you enjoy one (page him at emergency #) or go to an urgent thinking facility or emergency room. Especially if you are feeling amazingly weak. You may have need of a blood transfusion, depending on how much blood you've lost or how much anemia it's caused.

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From my similar experience (I was touring the Redwoods) we have to quit our trip. I suffered from constant hemorrhaging for several month and my blood count went down, I be weak contained by pain and discomfort. They did a D@C on me which resulted contained by a terrible burst of hemorrhaging a few days after that. Luckily I just get home and was ushered straight to hospital. They have to wait a few days for me to recuperate a bit from the terrible loss of blood and consequently they performed a hysterectomy. They told me the fibroid be as big as a 5 month old embryo. So I feel the sooner your insurance approves a hysterectomy (I am not sure if alleviating the fibroids is enough) the better it is.

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Next time you have a bleed, shift to the emergency department at your local hospital. They will likely help yourself to a blood specimen from a vein to check your haemaglobin level, and possible electrolytes and creatinine.
If your haemaglobin levels are low (below 100g/L), you may be given a blood transfusion until the incentive of bleeding can be determined.

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I had same experience as you. One daytime I was doing my MBA class during the first morning of my period and I wasn't impression very resourcefully. I dropped the class and going to my car to return home. Then a big clot pass and blood running down my legs. I was so flushed and I had no approach other then returning home, it be a total mess on the car form.
I had oodles fibroids inside my uterus. When I was 24 I have my 1st surgery to remove the fibroids. Doctor removed 28 fibroids of different size. Before the surgery I had anemia and I be very sick because of dizziness and inadequacy due to the anemia. So doctors said I need the surgery as soon as possible otherwise I may hold severe problem.
But the amount of bleeding didn't reduce so much after the surgery as resourcefully. Doctor advised me to take pregnant as soon as possible. The fibroids grew again just within 6 months.After 22 months of that surgery luckily I got pregnant ( Which I thought I'll never be)
Now I'm 25 weeks pregnant next to all the fibroids. I hope doctor will remove my uterus so that I gain rid of the bleeding problem. My bleeding was so unpromising like you, I cannot to dance out even to my work during my period because anytime I could fell within an embarrassing situation.
I reflect the permanent solution for my baggage is to remove the uterus as I have over 30 fibroids. You own 2 fibroids, so you can remove the fibroids only by keeping the uterus.

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