Can I hold Fibroids?

I don't have lower pay for pain but yesterday I be passing generous clots and I bleed for about 15 or 20 minutes straight. I am with the sole purpose 20 years old. I paln to dance to urgent care following on today because I can't get an appointment beside my doctor. I have never be to an OBGYN because untill recently I enjoy never had sex. Can some one minister to me?

First time having sex, when should i see a gyno?

If u r bleeding more than u usually do (which is not clear from ur question), the bleeding time is longer or the frequency of menstruation is more, should see the Gynaecologist.
Fibroids grow usually after 40 years of age but can grow earlier as in good health. These r more common contained by women who have never get pregnant but, again, can grow in women with multiple pregnancies. Fibroids can b one of the reason 4 heavier & longer periods.
Can u enjoy fibroid? Any woman can.

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