Can't Orgasm?

I am 21 years old and own tried many different methods. Back massagers, toothbrushes, rime cubes, vibrators...and have not be able to orgasm relief me please!

Very tired on 1500 mg of metformin.sarted taking it a few months ago!!I continue to crave sugar ?

i suggest reading a womens original and then start and explore near your fingers only. Leave the toys until after that. Fingers always do it better for me anyway. Concentrate on rubbing your clit and do not in reality put your fingers inside yourself. I find that distracting and can't climax that way at adjectives. Keep rubbing and it will feel better and your clit will start off to get bigger. After you are unadulterated wet after pull for a time on it and keep rubbing. hold fun

Help Me!!!?

get a book on the subject and then ask a upright doctor why you dont feel anything.

What is masturbation? how can i do it?

The toothbrush have got me intrigued!

Start stale by reading a book that turns you on. It does not have to be porn, so women's fiction is raunchy ample. Then try exploring your body, maybe start next to your breasts and work down.

Using harsh items (thinking in the order of that toothbrush again!) can de-sensitize delicate areas.

Can you still hold intercourse even when the baby's lead is low at ninth month?

just read this column and you will able to solve your problem

What is this updated? Ovaries?


Female Orgasm
There are at most minuscule two types of female orgasm.
The first originate in the clitoris.
The second starts surrounded by the clitoris and spreads down into the vagina.
This results in a more powerful orgasm than when the orgasm involves the clitoris alone. This type of orgasm is believed to result from stimulation of the G spot, which is thought to be located at the front wall of the vagina, and is accompanied by contractions of the uterus, vagina, and pelvic organs. "This type of orgasm is an preposterous, almost out-of-body experience."

Some experts believe that the G spot exists only contained by some women. Others simply believe that the front wall of the vagina is very sensitive. And some experts believe that the unharmed concept of a G spot is absolutely ridiculous and serves merely to precipitate feelings of weakness and anxiety among women.

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