Endometriosis? HELP!?

OK ladies... does anyone out there hold Endometrosis? What were your symptoms? How did you descover you have it? Where exactly in your body did you consistency the pain? I own Cervical Dysplasia but i was told that within are NO symptoms with that? What is wrong near me then? I am have plenty of symptoms.. Ex, Cramping before and during my length (i didnt really have cramps before) pelvic dull pain, constipation, pain during and after intercourse. Any thoughts or philosophy of weather or not this could be Endometriosis?

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OMGoodness you sound only like me!! I saw my doc and I own really bad oviran cysts. He also said I hold a mild case of endometrosis. He told me if the anguish contunied to get an ultrasound. It come up with notta.
So I suggest you do what I be told to do: Take Motrin 1-2 days before you start your monthly later all the process trhough your cycle. Of course if your irregular this will be very rock-hard. You should know your body well plenty to know the signs that its coming. Also I know this takes so planing in your chunk but 1 hour before intercourse give somebody a lift some motrin with a full chalice of water. I read out motrin because it is a pain hired gun and a antiinflamatory. Your gyno can perscribe some strong ones like 800 mg. I be told to nevery drink cold stuff on my period (by a friend) and to drink thaw out tea to help relaxation the pain. Belive it or not this does work. Being that summer is heading our style I sugest only drinking sligtly chilled beside no ice.

I know adjectives this is so hard but you will be sensation better in no time!

Let me know how your fancy and please keep contained by touch if you need more info!


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My mother have it. She use to go into the hospital because it be so bad. She have a few operations as capably. She was cramping and burning 24-7 the genus where it's thorny to even breathe or move.

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you bleed adjectives the time, after time goes by you start lookn blond almost anemic, if enough time go by you will get almost ungodly labor pains and you can outdo a huge clump. You may have 2 achieve a D&C or even your plumbing removed. so go receive that checked out. I dont think you own it though. I would just procure tested for everything. bet safe that sorry.

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I have a slight overnight case of it. I would bleed extremely heavy and own cramps so painful that I be admitted to the hospital 4 times. They give me an ultrasound and said that my case wasn't that severe and they put me on birth control which made my time of year lighter and took way my horrendous cramps.


I have:

1) Cramps for a few days before my time of year started and throughout my entire period
2) Severe, unbearable, unbearable cramps once my period started
3) Extreme bloating
4) Severe constipation next to rectal bleeding
5) Incredibly painful bladder during my extent whenever I urinated and difficulty getting up off toilet due to lower abdominal pain
6) Would've have pain during intercourse have I been sexually stirring at the time
7) Lower back pain
8) More pain on my right side throughout the month
9) Nausea
10) My in one piece entire abdomen be swollen, painful, and sick.
11) Heavy period that lasted 8-10 days.

You could completely well own Endometriosis. Get it diagnosed and treated before it get as severe as mine did.

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I was a moment ago told by my doc that he is almost possitive that I have Endo.., and I explained to him that I dont enjoy heavy bleeding and my period are light and irregular but I hold very discouraging cramping..like labor discomfort cramping...he said it is definate Endometriosis...he said another symptom is yeast infections too and I have have three in olden times 4 months and I have never have them before..what my doc is going to do is a "laproscopy" its where on earth they go within the belly button with a camera to see if you hold it or not and if you do they can zap it out right there and later.so I would talk near your doc.

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