Tubal Ligation vs. IUD?

I'm 25 years old and I'm pregnant beside my third child, my first pregnancy were twins, a boy and a girl, they are 5 very soon. Im pretty sure I'm done with have children, but Im not completly sure of having my tubes tied. What are the differences between a tubal and an IUD, I know the chief stuff, but I was wondering going on for the effects on your body.

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At 25 you are still pretty childlike to get your tubes tied. I have 3 kids at the age of 20. Thought for sure I was done have kids. Things in life changed and I concluded up having two more when I turned 30. I very soon have the MIrena IUD and love it. I no longer suffer from solid painful period.

IUD gets my vote!

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I have a tubal ligation after a c-section for my second child.
I wish, in a minute, I had go with the IUD. I consistency that way because after the tubal, my period got terrifically heavy next to a lot of cramping. I have to go to the ER because I bled so much.
My doctor told me plentifully of women have cycle change after a tubal for a few years. She put me on iron pills. They didn't help. She suggested a D & C. That made matter worse.
I got a unpromising infection after the D & C.
I had to purloin antibiotics for 14 days. Now, I still have so oodles problems that my OB says a total hysterectomy might be important.
Go with the IUD. I choice I had.

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A tubal is a undying form of birth control, where as an IUD is acting can last up to 5 years formerly it needs replaced. I have an IUD placed between my kids then after my final one i had my tubes tied, but if your unsure i would be in motion with the IUD. It will make happen a little more cramping next to your periods, but that the solely thing i notice with mine. On your subsequent doctors visit ask if they enjoy any information on the type of iud's they use and also check with your insurance to put together sure they cover the iud's cause mine didn't and it be pretty expensive. I hope this is what you were looking for. Good Luck

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