Are Menopause and In Vitro fertilization Connected?

My mom is 43 she will be 44 in Oct. she had her tubes tied 16 yrs. ago. 5 yrs ago she contracted to have another little one, she couldn't reverse having her tubes tied so they go through in vitro they took 20 or so eggs from her and she get pregnant with one toddler how is now an over helpful 4 yr old. she have recently be experiencing pre menopausal symptoms ... could the two be related?

Boobs.what size?

In vitro has no effect on the womens body after the procedure (unless she get pregant). It will no induce menopause or anything else. Why do you think she is contained by menopause. If she thinks she is surrounded by early menopause she can walk to the Dr. and get a simple blood audition to tell for sure. Then she can start tablets to make the menopause symptoms better.

Girls onlyPlease Help!?

No, that's when menopause as a rule starts.

Early signs of pregnancy?

No I would say that she is simply at her age to start going through menopause it can happen she isn't too young at heart. tell her to buy a menopause tackle like Estroven Menopause Monitor

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