I'm going through the Menopause?

Any advice?

Why am i addicted?!!?

A immensely interesting guided imagery disc called "Mastering Menopause" by Belleruth Naparstek can backing balance mood, have power over physical symptoms, and bolster self-esteem and confidence. You may want to check it out: http://www.wellbaskets.com/mamehejocdby.


try and listen to yourself from a different perspective to make sure your not anyone too moody. it helps me when im on my term.

(females only) anybody ever heard of the diva ring?

GO TO DOCS and yak about HRT to your doctor it help me alot

Transman? How to keep my breasts away?

stay away from men. your moodiness will receive em suicidal

How to hide no food from mom?

Have a read of Jenni Murrays 'Is it me or is hot within here'?- available in Tescos at the moment i reason. Lighthearted and fun but with lots of honourable ideas.

Why won't my time of year start.?

I would like to suggest that you do the on strip hormone tests at www.hormoneprofile.com or www.johnleemd.com

If it is recommend you pick up hormones please have a saliva try-out done see www.npis.info or www.salivatest.com.

A saliva test will check out active hormones something that blood test do not.

If a hormone is suggested by the saliva test please pilfer the dose suggested for you. Size 10 shoes are not twice as good if you hold size 5 feet.

If you grasp the "full spectrum", 4 tubes, saliva test they will advocate you on the full spectrum of hormones that you may require. They are the experts I am not, I am making suggestions where you should look. Hopefully within a nice manner (If not tolerate me know :-) )

The WHO (World Health Organisation) uses saliva tests.

A transcript of a John Lee confer - this explains why for hormones a blood test is worthless..

Blood test find hormones but they are the one on their way out of the body. They are not the moving hormone levels.

One woman's survey for the cure for her illness 1997 revised 2002
http://www.ylcf.org/hormone-imbalance/01... - 33.htm yes roughly speaking 30 odd pages

http://www.ylcf.org/hormone-imbalance/06... list the things that may occur due to hormone disparity.

If you want a second opinion I'd suggest one of the doctors on the www.npis.info inventory. Also on this site there other women's stories.

If you flush elsewhere on the web for “natural progesterone” or “natural progesterone menopause” you may come across heaps web page and some with stories

At www.hormoneprofile.com near is quite a bit of information on how hormones work. The “pink card” is also nearby showing when to take them

The book is available on Amazon uk, it is easier to find the info at hand than browsing the web. Like most of the innate progesterone web page the book is rather "positive" in the region of the menopause.

Hope this helps ..


lock your self away for 10 years till youve be through it .

HELP!! I don't know how to insert a tampon so can some one tell me how to near a VERY good explanation?

Menopause is a stage within life when a woman stops have her monthly period.It is a ordinary part of aging, mark the end of a woman's reproductive years.Get adequate calcium. A woman going through menopause needs 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a morning. Avoid excessive amounts of salt to downsize bloating associated with hormonal change. More information and remedies at http://useinfo4.blogspot.com/

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