How to achieve rid of PMS fatigue?

A couple days before my extent I always gain VERY, VERY tired. Does anyone know of any good ways to pummel the fatigue, besides taking naps? Thanks!

Sometimes I verbs that she might have a stroke, or walk insane from orgasms?

Midol- my sister uses it and it works like a charm!

Have you ever pleasured yourself contained by a tanning bed?

Eat lot of food with glorious iron content like red meat , its because you body is collecting blood and that take your level of iron down so you surface week. :)

At first it burn to pee after sex but now it is freshly warm it that average?

Uhh...lemons. lots and lots of lemons. you know, eat them drink them sleep on them. they tender you energy and cut back on your PMSing.


How do i count for my period?

go to nearby is a product on there call Mens-Reduce it is an all untaught remedy and all their products work great!! 100% undisruptive also which is wonderful!! just check it out!! :)

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