Can have over 5 abortions and sleeping with lots of men make happen cervical cancer?

I say it have caused this girl's cancer but am I wrong?

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This is awfully sad why would someone put themselves through such traumatic experiences so various times her body is not meant for such torture and why is this human being not taking birth control. many sexual partner and abortions will add to any cancer cell already in the cervical nouns ,this person desires some help she is abuse her body and aborting over and over is only not normal.she requests to take thinking of her body and stop this sad track of life .god bless kara doll.

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well, sleeping with lots of men will increase your probability of getting HPV that may cause cervical cancer.

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Abortions don't cause any type of cancer. Sleeping near men without using protection can grant you HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer surrounded by severe cases.

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yes and no.

Multiple sex partner gives her elevated risk of developing Cervical Cancer. Other risk factors are (very)early or (very) unpaid sexual experience, family history and HPV infection(most common).

Multiple abortion is a risk of Endometrial Cancer not Cervical Cancer.

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Absolutely-the more partner you have the greater your risk.Abortions probably enjoy nothing to do near it.

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I don't feel the abortions have to do near it, but the sleeping around probably has. That puts girls at a complex risk for HPV, which has over 70 strains, and some of them form genital wart, and others form little "bumps" and abnormalities on the cervix itself which, not here untreated, can lead to cervical cancer. That's why it's celebrated to get annual pap smears and STD checks after becoming sexually involved. I would say it have a huge hand contained by her getting it, although it may be a family history type of entry.

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Sleeping next to lots of men _might_ have, simply because it increased her risk of contracting the cancer-causing types of HPV. However, aside from that, those aspects of her lifestyle didn't affect her risk. I'd say that you're wrong, because a being with solely one partner ever could also get one of those really bleak HPV germs. This is why that new vaccine is so great!

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Sleeping around may hold a lot to do near it. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that can lead to cervical cancer. But, some women can obtain cervical cancer and not have any STD's. Abortion probably have nothing to do near it, unless she went to a dirty clinic and they used tools on her that be already used, old, or something of that temper.

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Whether you sleep with one man or 50 you run the risk of getting HPV which lead to several types of cervical cancer. Your partner may be infected without knowing it. My warning is do not sleep around and if you so choose bring your own condoms.

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Th sleeping with lots of men Yes because you catch from HPV s virsus contracted from having sex. Theres a vaccine out immediately

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I hope so, she doesn't deserve a uterus.

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HPV is what causes cervical cancer and sleeping next to many men increases your indiscriminate of getting the virus. The best thing would to be stop sleeping around or use protection and chew over about the Gardasil shot

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Everyone is right. The more men you sleep near the higher your risk of HPV which can mete out cervical cancer (obviously must be true since every answer has that) but to the best o fmy erudition abortions cannot cause it. But I expect this girl has some serious problems. 5 ABORTIONS?! First of adjectives they can damage her utuerus beyond repair. She'll probly never enjoy children (which i c as a good thing). These are the type of society where I surmise female mutilation isn't such a unpromising idea (just make it painful to own sex thus stopping them from such INSANITY!)
If she wants to be a whore and F**K every joe narrate her to at least be responsible adequate to use a condom or get a shot or something! And if your her acquire some help!

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well any one within Canada that sleeps with lots of man is considered an straightforward to get tramp

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Sleeping near one man with HPV can rationale cervical cancer.

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Well, and we wonder why there are so frequent diseases out there when relations just merely want to sleep near anyone and Okay, first of all, sleeping around clearly increases your chances of cervical cancer becuase of the HPV virus. However, in attendance are many, frequent strains of the virus and only 4 strains that paarticulary are specified to cause cervical cancer. But, as far as the abortions, I'm not sure specifically related to it. But, it could cause some scarring in that could maybe front to cancer eventually perhaps.

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Hmmmm I'm not entirely sure... Having that amount of abortions may cause fertility problems... Cancer is one of those things that can appear to anybody, i'm not sure if it can be caused by too lots abortions and too much sex...

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