Do any hospitals finance a tubal ligation so I could produce payments on the operation?

I do not have insurance and I do not want any more children.

During menopause,do you enjoy shoulder pain and do you discern arthritis?

your local county hospital should offer some sort of state charity guardianship based on your income. It's an outpatient procedure done through the naval by laser usually at smallest 6 weeks after delivery. They may distribute you a hard time base on your age and # of kids. If they don't feel your ripened enough or haven't have at least 3 kids they may deny.

My girl says that she can lone orgasm when I enter her uterus. Is this possible?

Call your local Planned Parenthood office. They can point you in the right direction.

Can anyone relief me with this please?

Some MDs will appropriate payements on that kind of item. The oonhly problem your gonna run into is that a MD typically recquires you to be at least 26 near 3 or more children. While its possible to reverse a tubal ligation it doesn't always work. So clear really sure that its what you want.

Will pregnancy be possible for me?

contact the physician that will be doing the procedure and the facility and try to make arrangements through them. some will set up a salary plan.

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