Considering Breast Implants?

I am currently a 34B and I want to be a 34 "spilling" C. I think that it would be more proportional to my frame. Has anyone just gone up 1-1.5 cup sizes? What is a good price for the surgery? What type of push in did you get? I want the round silicone implantation with the textured outside. How tolerable be the recovery length?

Am i okay?

Your better off beside the saline implants.Less risk if they leak.My girlfriend go 1.5 cup size.She spent about $5,500
dollars Canadian.It included hospital bed & anesthesia.

Pain in ovary nouns?

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I guess I'm stuck between bra sizes?

I have never done that, but hold heard horror stories. Just label sure that you research everything and potential doctors. try to get referals from other patients. Just mind with who you choose. dutiful luck

I just get my period today and im have really severe pain why?

You know, I'm not sure if this typical for everyone, but almost every girl I've dated have gone up atleast a cup size from my constant attention. Girls who I've dated and who've gone on breast control have gone up 2 full cup sizes. I don't know if I would consider surgery as an alternative, when some starchy groping will produce the same effect that you're looking for. It's also far cheaper (free in fact) than surgery, and probably bearing more fun too.

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