gaining solidity around the belly a sign of menopause?

i want to get rid of this spare tire...any suggestions

Girls singular puhleaze?

Don't drink SODA
Don't eat fried foods
Don't put mayonnaise on sandwich or salads
Substitute sweet fruits for chocolates and sugary desserts
Don't eat swift foods (except the salad or baked potato)

Sit-ups work the fastest, but walking every day within the fresh air will give a hand just as well--and anyone out in humour is comforting.

Yes, many women gain consignment in the stomach during menopause or pre-menopause. Some also gain in the hips.

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Can u procure pregant even though u had a bedside light period?

one of many--mood swings, nite sweats, irregular period. stress can also cause a "spare tire"

My daugter have a hole about 1/4" wide and the size of a piercing in the helix of her ear. What might it be?

While not a sign on menopause, many women do experience weightiness gain during and after menopause, especially around the waist. It's thought that the loss of estrogen might be a component of this but honestly, there's so much controversy going on for how to handle menopause. Take a look at the information on menopause at - the overriding Internet site for women. It's well-written and I think it may relief explain some of what's going on. if you still have question, stop back!

Also, there's a supportive message board where on earth you can connect with other women who are contained by the same boat :)

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