Is there something wrong next to me?

I very only just lost my virginity with my husband, Rick. Im impressively petite compared to him, Rick measuring at a solid 7 inches. Durining our intercourse(s), i would regularly bleed throughout the sex. He went extremel rough, pleasurable but throbbing as well. This morning, i checked my bed and loads of blood be where i be sleeping, i checked in the mirror and my vagina was still "spitting" out blood. Also, i found gooey lines in and around my vaginal area, that be very brooze-like. My inside color turned from a bedside light pink to a dark purple. When i urinate, it feel like intense burning, and even bleeds. Is near something wrong with me? What should i do!

Period grill!!?

ok, my mom is an obgyn/np, she taught me loads.

u stipulation to go to...your OBGYN!

dude, if he's mortal that aggressive during sex, let him know... don't simply take it. you're hurting self, 'n you obligation to tell him that you entail to gradually build up to a rank of that sexual drive. i'm sure this is painful, but you want to consult someone with professionalism within this sort of field, or may be regretting something in the adjectives.


Itching what can it be?

See a doctor. Some bleeding is normal but not as much as you describe. Also sk your husbbnd to be more easy-going with you.

Is this usual?

definatly see a doctor.
he shouldnt be so rough its common to bleed the first time but sounds similar to you are bleeding too much.
please dont be worried to see a doctor because they will tell you whats mundane and give you PROPER suggestion.
doctors are used to this sort of thing.
dont rely on answers from the internet because a doctor have the best answers full stop.
you should tlak to your boyfriend and tell him what happen too

good luck, please follow this guidance i know someone who's been in attendance.

take thinking.

OK what is a ?

yes see a dr. immediately...too small to do any TRUE damage.

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go ask youre doctor! asap!

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go to gynecologist!!asap! good luck

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Well, if this be your first time, he should have be taking it slower. Everything you describe doesn't sound irrevocable, just a traumatic result to the rough sex. If it doesn't clear up after 2 weeks or so, afterwards I would suggest you see your gyno.

Worried & need warning!?

You need to move about see a doctor to make sure that no injure has be done. When you encounter intercourse some women bleed a lot and some a bit. It could be nothing since it's your first time but adjectives women know it will hurt and maybe bleed for months. To be nontoxic consult a doctor.

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I have bled after sex back to. If sex is rough or hurts chances are you will slit a little. If you slash, it will burn when you urinate. If you are bleeding excessively or frequently you should talk to your Dr.

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i am not a dr/ this is a guestamite / the blood is from breaking your hymen/ but to be on secure side /see dr /the blood loss sounds extreme/go to er immediatly/ to see if damage be done/ to the roughness with y mortal a virgin / or could be hidden strength problem/ not brought to surface/ til now/ please DO NOT put off mortal seen by er or familial dr

Tips for first time? help?

You involve to let your husband know that he desires to be more gentle geezzz..

Either move about to the Emergency Room or get to your Gynecologist today or tomorrow at the hottest.

Unlikely but you could have ruptured something during intercourse, most expected he just tore you; but it is best to permit the Doctor examine you.

Girls help?

There's zilch you can do about it but travel see a doctor. You really should so that you don't develop a nasty infection. Why be your husband being so rough next to you? You should tell him to be more soft until your vagina loosens up. Good luck! :)

Girls only request for information!!?

thats not normal, be in motion see your gynecologist. When you loose your virginity you tend to bleed a little bit but thats excessive. rick wants to not be so rough. Also your urinary symptoms sound similar to a bladder infection which can go to your kidneys if you don't go and get it treated.

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