Plz guide me on this??

do ya know an organism tht bleeds for 5 days every month an still doesnt die??

a haemophiliac even if bleeds for 5 hrs then die but tht org.. bleeds fur 5 days an still doesnt die!!

hows tht possible??

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You have an idea that you are the smartest person surrounded by the planet?
Dont forget you came to this world from that organism.

Sorry if I hurt you, but stop making fun resembling this kind of question or comments.

What does it mean when your breasts?


Menstrual problems please oblige me?

mostly it doesn't have blood itself.....??... ha

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I'm not sure what you be set to, due to the complete incoherence of your post, but are you making a reference to a menstruating woman?
In which satchel, yes it's possible for us to bleed for 5 days without dying. We get super powers.
Take care

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This guy means that the feminine sex organ bleeds for 5 days and does not die while a bleeder can bleed for only 5 hours and later actually bleed to release.
This is not a loss of blood from the oxygenated portion of blood in the body. It is a loss of blood from the uterus that have a lining that breaks down save fertilized..

Is it normal to bleed after your first pap smear?

A womanly only loses an average of 35 millilitres of blood during her spell, whereas a haemophiliac will lose a lot more than that within the course of 5 hours.

A lot of the period fluid is in fact endometrium lining, or surrounded by other words, the lining of the womb, which exits the body mixed near small amounts of blood. So it looks like blood, but in reality it's a much thicker mixture of liquid and tissue.

Women's plzzzzzzzzz answer????

Maybe consult a doctor..i don't slightly understand

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