Im breastfeeding, no spell yet, if i attain an iud put in will my spell come?

my baby is almost 6mths and im fully breastfeeding, i still havent gotten a time yet, next to my other breastfed children i got my time back at 11months, im thinking of getting an iud fitted soon, the non hormonal one, will this spawn my periods return faster?, or kind no difference?
and i hear the iud gives chunky periods, is this true?,,, thanks

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i dont know if it will make your length come.. but i have have 2 of them one after each kid next i got my tubes tied..

they can be highly comfortable.. my first hubby never felt it during sex.. but my 2nd hubby did.. it did fashion sex uncomfortable(or it did for me)

your periods are heavier longer and you will cramp approaching a mother!!

thats why i had mine removed and merely got my tubes tied...

my first one i have for 7 years it was a copper 10 yr one.. the 2nd one i have for 1 year(copper 10 yr) and it was so humiliated i had to acquire rid of it..

and the patch was awful.. i be so hormonal my hubby couldnt stand me and i couldnt stand myself.. just a head up on it

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you need to discuss this next to your dr. every pregnacy is differant... its about time for your checkup from have your child so tell the dr adjectives thats going on and he or she will tell ya adjectives about this... flawless luck..

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I am 59 and adjectives my life I enjoy heard as long as you breast nurture you want have your interval.Alot of women like not own there length for a while.!!

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