Can Yaz basis insomnia?

tomorrow will be the end of the first 3 weeks that i've be on Yaz. i've never been on birth control since. im taking it just approaching im supposed to. but now adjectives of the sudden, the past 3-5 night, i cant sleep.

i dont really have trouble falling asleep... but after in the region of 2 hours of sleep, im recharged for the day. i used to necessitate 12-13 hours before i be completely recharged.

im not almost 2-year relationship is going amazing, school is out so grades arent an issue, my kith and kin life is fine.. i cant expect of anything like that that would affect my sleep pattern.. even when there WERE things wrong, i still slept great.

could yaz be doing this to me? did anyone else hold these side effects? and if not, what else could i be experiencing?!

Weird but purely want to know?

I have looked at the side effects (there are many) but nought about insomnia

So I guess its some hormonal change? Who know, but as long as you feel fine, I would not verbs if I was you.

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Not sure. Insomnia is commonly caused by trepidation, stress, anxiety, medications, herb, caffeine, depression or sometimes for no apparent intention. Make sure your bedroom is quiet and muddy. Soak a tablespoon of mint leaves in a cup of water for an hour, drink every dark. Check out for more info

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