Sex next to cervical cancer.?

Im just curious my bf have one night stand and it be shocking because the woman has a cervical cancer but she didn't enlighten that she has cancer.Until immediately she still suffering her cancer relapsed and it's getting worst. She got pregnant because of my stupid asshole boyfriend didn't use condom. He is such an idiot but that be his past past i've met him. My guestion is:Is it possible he can get some microbes or any kind or it might verbs? I've never had sex beside him because im afraid of course and im worried more or less my health. He said he is verbs because he went to a doctor right away to check him self.

Why would you do this?

Cervical Cancer is frequently cause by Human Papuloma Virus or better known as genital wart. They are transferred by a stran of several different viruses. We can't right to be heard what hers cancer is from, but if it's from the HPV then, yes you absolutely have explanation for concern. years ago, we use to think that if the skin tissue didn't show or hold an active wart, that the skin be free of the HPV. We now know that wart don't awys show, yet the underline skin that appears normal, can be infected and is after capable of transfering the HPV to another unsuspecting individual during sexual contact. especially intercourse because there is so much friction going on at hand during the act. Even wearing a condom will not provide adequet protection as the virus is smaller than the smallest pour in a condom. The virus could smoothly pass right through the pour into your vaginal cavity and infect you, possibly cause you to develop cancer years from now.

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