Gyno question? Women lone please, graphic and men credible to be grossed out.?

Ok, so as embarressing as this is, going to do it anyway. My question is, Is is possible to carry vaginal thrush externally only? I own had thrush formerly, so am familiar next to the symptoms, but over the last few days, I enjoy had a thrush similar to sensation around my clitoris but nowhere else, so is it thrush or what? It's not painful, in recent times moderately annoying.

* It is NOT an STI, I am in a monogamous relationship and had a full check give or take a few 10 months ago that was verbs.

* I have moral hygiene, shower everyday.

* Last had sex around 3 days ago, unprotected, and didn't get up as I usually do.

Sorry give or take a few the nature of the quiz :S

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You have a vaginal infection. There are things you can buy over the counter at walmart. Drink lots of river and avoid cold drinks until it all clears up.

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I've have similar symptoms. It may be the start of a urinary tract infection. But just to be sure, why not drink tons of dampen and cranberry juice, AND do the three daylight Monistat thing. If problem still exists after a week, probably have need of to go to the doctor.

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I'm not positive but I conjecture it would occur everywhere down in attendance if it is a yeast infection it's just symptomatic surrounded by certain areas. FYI: Thrush is not the lingo to use, Thrush is when you have a yeast infection in your mouth aka Candidia.

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When you say thrush it's a short time misleading. Thrush is usually used in reference to the yeast that grows within your mouth. If you are passing it stern and forth from having oral sex someone have got thrush within their mouth. Thrush can also come from contact with human fleece to the mouth. So you might want to think nearly keeping yourself shaved well down here or visa versa.

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