SERIOUS Question About Menopause?

I'm not there but, but of course, sooner or later...

my questions are:
when did it evolve to you (age)?
did your cycle just completely stop or did it come to a trickle?
be you cranky?
did your sexual needs diminish?
did you gain substance?


What is going on with my vig?

Started my period at 11... began menopause at 48.
Hot flashes (no big deal), scant or skipped cycles, mood swings.
The younger you are when starting your extent generally manner the younger you are when you begin menopause.
Age for most women ...unsettled 40's, early 50's.
You may originate skipping cycles, have break through bleeding unexpectedly, or it may a moment ago stop .depends on the woman.
Cranky...hmm.. emotions surrounded by general seem to be a bit more erractic. You cry easily, stroke a bit crazy at times but most of this in my opnion is due not with the sole purpose to hormone changes but mindset.
Most women ponder of menopause of the beginning of the shutting of their sexual lives... primarily due to media and the pressure to look, stay childlike regardless of the emotion or financial cost... however .. rear to your questions...
Sexual desires for a woman do not diminish with menopause surrounded by fact the because the testosterone rises, your desire increase.. however.because women prospect menopause as sign of old age they regularly become more critical of their bodies, the physical changes and become more inhibited towards sex.
Weight gain .As you age whether man or woman the metabolism mostly slows...your body tends to post weight. You may look heavier than you in truth are...
You may gain weight simply because your body's slower metabolism wants the kick start of regular excercise.
or because you start ingestion out of depression, or because of inactivity.
I took no drugs, herbal or pharmecutical, and suffer the least possible bit and wasn't embarrassed by the occassional hot flashes.
Night sweating be a bit of a pain surrounded by the butt but for my hubby as I would uncover him surrounded by the dead of winter as powerfully as myself. He took to wearing pajamas as a safeguard against frostbite.

Don't worry's not at adjectives the problem you read about.
Just dance with the flow... no pun intended *

Is This NORMAL??

Slowly stopped
Oh yes

Can vitamins gross your urine discolored?

My best friend started perimenopause at 30 (the stage at the beginning of menopause), and my mil started it at in the order of 50. They both had it trickle past its sell-by date (the only instances that I own ever heard of where on earth it just instantly hit be when people hold their ovaries removed), they were both moderately cranky, their sexual needs did diminish but not disappear completely, and they both gain some weight (10 pounds or so). Also, your facial fleece starts to grow in thicker and dark usually.
Not fun!

Preventing stretch marks?

It usually happen around 50, but most women get symptoms before, and I have set women as early as 35 going into Peri hold-up (the time before menopause) when symptoms crop up but eggs are still present
The cycle starts to lesson in flow and surrounded by length of time, then become irregular, then stops.
It cause crankiness, night sweats and adjectives kinds of other grisly symptoms.
Sexual needs do not diminish and can be stronger (or seemingly so) due to the freedom involved in not getting pregnant.
Most women gain counterbalance in nouns, but it can be controlled with diet and exercise.
It really is sensitive of like going through hell but is help with hormones or the innate hormone replacements.

Why do boys like boobs?!?

Mine started at age 53, and it freshly trickled. I had no side effects. No crankiness, no sweating, zilch at all. My sexual requests seemed to be indistinguishable, and I did not gain weight.

How to put in the picture wife that her hair-down-there is a little unbridled?

okay well it depends on most simply 15 but i had to do a tabloid on this for science ...well u can run through it at any age between mid 30's and early 50's ur symptoms change from person to personage for the sexual part it depends on some women some citizens get it some dont. it merely mostly depends on the women it varys from person to personality

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stopped immediately- I had a hysterectomy near complete removal of ovaries

yes, very cranky

yes, unfortunately

some, fundamentally due to depression

When you have a hysterectomy w/ovary removal you jump into automatic menopause. I don't have problems near a hot flashes but do have feathery night sweats occassionally and red flushing of the frontage. I find that I am very sensitive to perfume (break out) and some foods that I've never been allergic to earlier. Also hormone replacement therapy is not a cure adjectives it's very difficult to find a fitting balance and a doctor who is predisposed to take an interest in a menopausal women's strength concerns. I personally believe that it's easier for someone that go through menopause naturally (meaning no hysterectomy).

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