How can I return with and aids/hiv test minus my mom knowing?

I am someone sexually active but I hold been celibate for 9 months. I want to know if im verbs or not. But I dont want my mom to know and I can't drive or anything. What should I do?

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you can dance to your dr. or if you don't want you mom's medical insurance to be billed go to a public clinic and settle cash. but regardless of how infirm you are your mom can't know it is called Doctor Patient confidentiality. Good luck

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your local condition department.
just relate them you dont want your mom to know, and she wont find out!

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Donate blood, they'll tell you whether or not you enjoy HIV/AIDS, since if you do they can't use your blood. And it's confidential.

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go to any client they keep ur info confidential

This is reallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy grooos but i hold to ask?

Walk or take a bus to the local condition department. AIDS testing is confidential and your mother never have to know you are getting a test.

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You can't drive, you live with your parents..but you're sexually influential.

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You'll own to go to Planned Parenthood.

Hey, you found ways to be sneaky and falsehood to have sex, so I'm sure you can be sneaky and recline to get tested.

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you can order home test online. I don't know how accurate they are. I think they cost resembling 40 bucks.
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stay at a friends house? but take a bus or ask a friends mom so long as you trust them to cart you to a family planning clinic. at hand are a lot of state or free clinics you can be tested at for free short parent concent. Or take a bus to the hospital and budge through the ER. if your over 14 they usually won't contact your parents. if nothing else confer tghem a fake given name and phone number.

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The easiest and cheapest road is to donate blood. Blood banks presently have to interview the blood for any disease that may be present. I think you do hold to be 18 for this. otherwise ask a friend to take you to a form clinic.

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if you having one having different partner have a tryout , but you will need 3 bloof test,

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nowadays at the condition centre, i ponder the hiv/aids test is made personal. u can own it and they wont tell anyone abt the result. so, u can stir and get it minus ur mom knowing. tell her that u wanna travel out for shopping etc. u cant drive but surely ur mom allowed u to ride bicycle or get a hackney carriage, right?

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Planned Parenthood. Try to see if within's a friend who can drive you. And if not.. and I touch bad for even recitation someone to try this, but erm... lie to your mom/aunt/cousin/whatever, and ask them to drive you to a "store" close by a planned parenthood. Tell them you'll hail as when you wanna be picked up, then when they're out of verbs, git yer over to that building!

Planned Parenthood is confidential; they will do all the test for you for FREE (as long as you're under 18) and according to their policy, they WILL NOT CONTACT ANYONE, unless you (for some stupid reason) afford them permission to. They wont voice a word to anyone. Even if your mother calls and asks them if you be there, they wont let somebody know her anything. They'll prolly just say aloud "No, we haven't had any cliets by that dub, blah, blah, blah".

Good Luck!

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find a ride and go adjectives aids test are confidental

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For convenience, near are home HIV tests. They are probably more expensive than basically going to a clinic-but are just as reliable. You convey the blood sample surrounded by and call beside your id# for results. There is a councellor you speak with when you nickname to register. It is very simple and completely private and available at the pharmacy in your local drugstore.

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