My wife joke about getting breast implant, but i think she's afraid, how do i support her minus making her

feel bad going on for the way she looks?

Females (males next to insight) What night of your cycle do you sleep best ?

If she is seriously considering it, the subsequent time she mentions it just narrate her that you think she is exquisite no matter what and if that's what she wishes to do then you would support her. But if she is freshly jokingly saying so you can't really make clear to her to get implant without helpful of making her feel self conscious.

Does it situation if you try using a tampon before you enjoy your periode.?

dont! let her be paid her own decisions

Has anyone have these symptoms?/What do you think these symptoms are? Thank you.?

Tell her you will retribution for it! :-)
No, really it has to be her own conclusion, does she have low self esteem in a minute? I thought it was a great decree on my part and I feel good something like myself before, obedient about myself immediately! Just tell her you support anything she wants to do, you love her unconditionally inside and out and youre here with her no situation what!

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You involve to love her for who she really is. If you don't love the way she looks, after I think you should re-examine what you have said or what you read out to her about her body surrounded by the future.

Help?!?! I inevitability to go to the doctor and I don't want my parents to find out(and I'm on their insurance)

Just narrate her that if it will help her consistency less self conscious of her self to move about for it. Help her look into the cost. Most woman are serious when they start joking more or less it. Even getting a simple breast lift after have kids can make a great difference

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