Menopause, can you go through it at 39. i missed my length?

i had two injanuary and after i had one the da in the past easter. it was really tender and heavy. liver clot heavily built, i had tubes tied 12 years ago so it couldnt be pregnancy, but the undamaged time i had no cycle my breasts be very sore and i have symptoms. which i am having immediately test be negative so could it be pre-menopause.

Vaginal Swelling! (im not pregnant)?

Have your doctor check for poly-cystic ovary disease.

Calling all mothers!!?

there is a destiny (very small, but it's there) that you can become pregnant still.

Girls only! guys if u answer i will report u!?

Yes. If you go through puberty early you may hit menopause untimely.

What's an orgasm?

Yes it could be perimenopause. If you are concerned then ask your doc if he will tryout your hormones for you to see where you are on the extent.

People say i smell horrible but i don't smell anything. i hold been to the doctors but they say-so its in my head

its call peri-menopause and yes its about your age. see your gyn to back you with the symptoms

What cause vaginal itching and painful sex?

chill woman its just natural gives you surprises but in recent times cuz you missed your period dosent tight your pmsing...relax

How do you ease interval pains?

yes, but have it check near your OB/GYN.

Birth Control?

highly possible and takes 10 years to complete,see your gyn to be sure and possibly can suggest medication to help you along or to at least possible cope with it.

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