How many of you hold HPV and pre cancer cells and have surgery for it?

I was diagnosed next to HPV last November and a few weeks after that I have laser surgery because I had Cin1 and cin 2 pre cancer cell. Anyway i did everything the doctor told me to do I didnt have sex for 8 weeks i get my first pap smear done i had to hang around 4 months I just get it done last thursday and i am edgy of the results. i hope i dont have pre cancer anymore me my ethnic group and my boyfriend are all deeply worried.

i heard in attendance is a 98% success rate of the laser curgery i have on my cervix anyone have any experience next to this?

i am very appreciative they found it early.

When you're sick, is it possible to skip your spell?

I can not remember what 'text' I had, but four years ago I have to have two cryo surgeries. It come back a few months after the first. The second took safekeeping of it and was told I would never concordat with it again most imagined. To this day my paps are verbs.

Girls only?(unless a doctor)?

Firstly, don't verbs about it.
Stress doesn't assist.

98% success rate?
Just conversation amongst my friends, I can tell you that number is made up.

I enjoy been through 9 surgeries for this, when they asked me to experience surgery number 10, I decided it be time for me to take matter into my own hands, because the methods man offered (laser, diathermy, cone biopsies etc) weren't having the desired effect.

I am presently unable to hold children due to the amount of damage cause by the multiple surgeries which were intended to "fix" me.

CIN2 is not as nasty as they would approaching you to believe.
Do some research, take control of your own body.

Just because the cell exist, doesn't mean they're helpful, and it doesn't mean that it will progress into full blown cancer.

When I fixed that I'd had adequate surgery, I went for a smear every 6 months to hold an eye on things.
Eventually (after nearly 5 years) everything returned to normal, my body be able to rectify the problem on its own.

I merely wish that someone have enlightened me with this information since I decided that "the doctor know best".

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