Do you deliberate getting Breast Implants is a sin?


Is this PMS?

I think it's a sin if you are doing it out of sedition, or for sexual attention from guys, to make culture lust then definatley. If they will be cause someone else to sin BUT if you are getting them for you, or maybe for you and your husband and hold a pure heart and attitude about it, I don't guess there is a problem near it at all.
simply as a warning, someone I know get them a year or two ago and she was within pain for weeks (and this girl is a strong girl, I've never see her show pain formerly this). So just be prepared and muse a lot around it before doing it, both the pros and the cons of it!
Toni Lynne :)

Plzzz aid me is this normal im not trying to be gross or anything have it happened to you ?

Sin is doing something that cause another person misery and suffereing. There is no other defintion.

Breast enlargement, though, is surgical mutilation, and completely unnecessary.

Learn to love yourself as you are and you'll stop thinking going on for this lunacy.

My friend complains that her body is poorly porportioned. I think she's attractive, she's 40-32-47 and toned!

It depends on what you consider a sin.

Is vanity a sin to you? If yes, it is a sin, even if you are of late getting them for yourself.

And I agree that if you are doing it to get more attention from guys, or for lustful reasons, it is a sin.

I myself don't infer its a sin, but then again, I don't believe in organized religion. I own my own relationship with God, and I don't meditate God cares what I do next to my own body. He gave it to me and free will and loves me anyway.

On the other foot, I don't believe in plastic surgery any (unless you were maim or something). I think everyone should love themselves the style they are, and smaller natural breasts are almost better than big, replicated ones.

Good luck to you.

Do you look young for your age?

Is dying your mane or getting your nails done a sin??

In cramp, please help?

Well conceit is a sin but in my opinion the one and only people who should consider getting them are girls who are really flat and are self concious because of it. If you are getting them simply to draw attention to yourself thats baddddd..and slutty

Ok all my other Q be tests! very soon i can trust u here is the real operate!?

NO in any bearing. NO... Now,... if you knocked Pamela Anderson over the skipper with a baseball bat and excised her implant from her breast with you key...then askd a doctor ( who,.. by the wouldnt put them surrounded by ). then yes that would be a sin.

No sin for cosmetic surgery.

Any feedback from folks who had Cryotherapy done for the cervix?

I don't reflect on it's a sin but it's completely unnecessary.
Everyone's body is beautiful, merely the way they be made.

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You dont' entail breast implants at adjectives to get larger breasts. Surgery is expensive and treacherous. Use Breast actives to get larger breasts you want.

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